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Question time.

Do you ever just think about the beauty of nature and become overwhelmed with emotion? I do it fairly often.
women sitting on a chair, hands in her lap, legs pointed to the left while she's looking to the right
I believe being able to live surrounded by hundred foot trees - stretching toward the heavens, shading us from the sun, purifying our air - is a blessing. 
I started this shop because I believe that our natural surroundings have an incredible and positive effect on us, when we choose to pay attention to them - just think about the start of spring, how the days become longer, the sunshine feels warmer, and you feel more generally upbeat. Or how overwhelmingly lovely it is to walk past a field of blooming flowers - vibrant in color and fragrant in smell. 
Flexing my creative muscles as much as I can in my daily life brings me great joy, so deciding to marry my love of flora and thinking outside the box only made sense. 
When I was younger, my parents would take me on outings to Longwood Gardens, where there were not only plenty of flowers but entire installations full of greenery and life. Another favorite place of mine, Bryn Athyn Cathedral, is nestled among trees and expansive grassy fields. I remember sitting on the stone wall behind the cathedral, looking over the field where people lounged with loved ones, chatting and taking in the fresh air. I still love visiting both of these places because of the happiness they brought me in my childhood. 
little girl in dress and sandals sitting relaxed on a wooden bench, arms draped over the bench's back
Me circa 2000 chilling on a bench at Bryn Athyn Cathedral, with not a care in the world.
One day I'd like to have my own garden in my backyard, with fruits, vegetables, flowers - you name it. Fingers crossed my future husband doesn't have allergies. 
Do you feel the same way about being outdoors? Are there specific settings you enjoy being in? Perhaps a large open grassy field with room to play sports and run around. Or maybe a small intimate garden where you can share a meal with your family and friends?
Leave a comment below, we'd love to know. 

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